Frequently asked questions
1. Do you only sell silver jewelry?

Yes, we only have silver jewelry. 

2. Does the jewelry have a 925 silver hallmark?

Yes, all the products have a "925" silver hallmark. 

3. Can I bend the cuff bracelet?

Yes, cuffs usually only need to be adjusted once and not bent each time.

4. Do you have design stamps?

We also have numbers, hearts, stars, rainbow. Infinity sign, moon, buddha and a musical note sign can only be stamped to pendants.

5. Can you stamp Mantra to both sides of the pendant?

No, because usually stamping leaves a little mark to the other side of the pendant. 

6. Where can I see more pictures of Mantrakee jewelry?

More pictures can be seen in our Instagram and Facebook pages.

7. How can I keep my jewelry from tarnishing?

- minimize contact of your silver jewelry with substances that can cause tarnishing
- put on your jewelry only after you have applied makeup and perfume
- you can delay tarnishing by regularly polishing your silver jewelry